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Small Business and Middle Market wholesale access to National Carriers.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance Liability Minimum Premiums as low as $250

General Liability

  • Occurrence limit options available from $300k to $2 million
  • Aggregate limit options available from $600k to $4 million
  • Optional coverage's
    • Hired and Non owned auto liability
    • WOS
    • Blanket additional insured

Business Owner Policy Commercial Insurance Coverage Minimum Premiums as low as $500

General Liability and Property

  • TIV up to $50 million in house (No Florida property - limited appetite for other coastal locations)
  • Replacement Cost or ACV
  • Optional coverage's:
    • Coverage enhancement packages
    • Computers and Media up to $1 million
    • Blanketed Building and BPP
    • No coinsurance
    • Deductible $250-25,000
  • Business Liability insurance rates competitive with any carriers.

Commercial Auto

  • Up to 25 power units (additional units with carrier approval)
  • Broad form coverage
  • Optional coverage's:
    • Hired auto physical damage
    • WOS
    • Rental reimbursement
    • Lease Gap Coverage
    • Towing coverage

Inland Marine Minimum Premiums as low as $750

  • Builder's Risk
    • New Construction up to $20 million in completed value
    • Frame construction is now offered for projects up to $2.5 million
  • Contractors Equipment
    • Contractor's Equipment schedules up to $4 million in values an dup to $500,000 per piece of equipment
  • Motor Truck Cargo
    • Trucking companies with up to $7.5 million in gross annual receipts or up to 50 power units

Workers Compensation Minimum Premiums as low as $250

Workers Compensation

  • All States (excluding monopolistic states)
  • Optional coverage's:
    • Extended Broad Form Endorsement
    • Employers Liability Stop Gap
    • WOS
    • Monoline for majority of classes

Other Coverages

  • EPLI
  • D&O
  • Employee Dishonesty

Employee Dishonesty- Manifest intent provision

  • Cause the insured to sustain a loss
  • D&O
  • Employee must benefit

There are several types of Employee Dishonesty bonds:

  • Is your client looking for 1st party, 3rd Party, and/or Theft of Clint Property off Premises?
  • 1st party- automatically gets 3rd party only coverage while on the insured's premises only. No coverage is provided if the employees are away from the insured's location.
  • 3rd Party only-coverage is provided while the employees are on the insured's premises only.
  • Theft of Client Property off Premises- provides 3rd party coverage while the insured's employees are on the clients premises. This also includes 1st party coverage.
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • Ocean Cargo
  • Builder's Risk
  • Contractors Equipment
  • Umbrella 1 to 10 million
  • Foreign Liability

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