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An Insurance Program for the Appliance Repair Industry.

Appliance Repair Industry

Appliance Repair General Liability Claim

while fixing an ince machine, you accidentially allow water to leak on the kitchen floor. As the homeowner walks through the kitchen, she slips in the water, falls and sprains her wrist. ServicerPro's general liability policy will respond.

Property Coverage- Claims Scenario for Appliance Repair

Your tool box is stolen from your trunk while you are buying parts for a customers job. Replacement of the tools can be coverage by the servicerPro package.

Workers Compensation Claims Scenario for Appliance Repair

An employee who spends much of the day kneeling down to fix appliances has been diagnosed with knee and back problems as a result of his job. Worker's comp covers the costs for medical attention and time off work.

Commercial Auto

You rear-end another driver while driving your company vehicle, causing damage to the other vehicle. If the other driver sues, the commercial auto policy will cover the cost of legal proceedings and claim settlement.

Umbrella Coverage

You carry a $100,000 General liability policy but you are hit with a $200,000 claim settlement against you. If you also carry Umbrella coverage in an amount of the settlement or more, the balance of the claim amount will be paid by the Umbrella policy.

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