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Professional Liability for Architects and Engineers

Compare E&O for Architects and Engineers

Professional Liability Negligent act, error or omission in the delivery of architect and engineering professional Services.  E&O for Engineers; E&O for Architects
  Technology Services Coverage covering BIM (building information modeling) or CAD (computer aided drafting) services.
  Technology Products Coverage covering client specific software and hardware design solutions
Multimedia and Advertising Coverage Included as a definition of a wrongful act. Includes libel, slander, product or service disparagement, commercial appropriation and trade libel. Electronic Media Liability- Electronic publishing, dissemination, releasing gathering, transmission, production, web casting or other distribution of Electronic Content on the internet, on behalf of the insured or by the insured for others.
Computer Network Security Coverage Activities performed by the insured or by others on behalf of the insured, to protect against Unauthorized Access to and the Unauthorized Use of the Insured's Computer System, or to protect against a Denial of Service Attack.
Cyber Liability Electronic media liability and Network Operations Security is cyber liability for someone performing technology services.
Virus Liability There is not a Virus Liability exclusion in our Professional liability policy.
Unauthorized Access There is not a Unauthorized Access exclusion in our Professional Liability policy.
Worldwide Coverage Worldwide Coverage even if the case is brought outside the US.
Prior Acts Coverage Prior Acts coverage is available for qualified applicants.
Independent Contractors (1099) Independent contractors are included under the definition of an insured.
First Dollar Defense First Dollar Defense eliminates the deductible for defense costs. Included as part of the SafetyTek Expansion Endorsement.
Defense Outside the Limits Defense Outside the Limits will not erode your limits with the cost to defend your case.
Contractual Liability Contractual Liability includes liability that you assume because of a contract. Innocent Insured- Innocent Insured gives coverage to innocent parties if there are allegations of malicious, intentional acts of employees as long as management is not involved.
  Aggregate Deductible endorsement
Plagiarism Included as part of the Electronic Media Liability
Misappropriation of Ideas Included as part of the Electronic Media Liability
Trade Secrets Included as part of the Electronic Media Liability
Intellectual Property Coverage Full IP coverage can be Included by endorsement, if needed.
Software copyright Included under the intellectual property coverage endorsement, if needed.
Patent Infringement Not available

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