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graph showing 5 commission levels when partnering with Stuckey and Company
Five Commission Levels
Through wholesale or specialty program placements your book will grow over time and we will reward your success.
No matter where you are on your insurance journey, we reward you for your success. We make it easy to consolidate your business by offering production, service and billing options that are right for you.

Strategic Growth

Many times it makes sense to partner with one source for surplus lines or consolidate your admitted business to one carrier that is the best fit for your insurers.

  • Book Consolidation
  • Quoting Blocks
  • Agency Focus Questionnaire ( allows us to understand the big picture:agency story, carriers, specialty, pain points, etc )
  • Data as a .XLS includes:
    • Name insured
    • Location ( address, city, state and ZIP )
    • Line of business
    • Expiring premium
    • Current carrier
    • SIC Code or Bus Desc
  • Guidance includes BOR execution or Green, Yellow, Red Eligibility
  • Show benefits, including:
    • 151 Service
    • Commission
    • Fulllfillment options
    • Consolidation team
graph showing average quoting block and consolidation incentive when Stuckey & Company is the National Wholesale Broker
Average Quoting Block / Consolidation Incentive
Choose Stuckey & Company as your National Wholesale Broker of choice, offering:
  • Single point of contact.
  • 151 Promise and Account Current.
  • Consolidated billing.
With integration efficiencies we can increase your revenue to match our level of partnership.
Carrier Matched BOR Eligibility
With no additional underwriting questions required, BOR's are processed in 10 days with no additional premium or increases.
Underwriting Match in Green or Yellow
Highly Desireable
Desireable, Approval Required
Not a Market
Not a Market normally consists of transportation type risks or highly specialized, exclusive market access programs.
Turnkey Access with no volume Requirements
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