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Information for Agents

Training webinar showing Data Breach Coverage under our SafetyTek Professional Liability program for Technology companies.
Demystify Data Breach
This webinar will help you better understand the Hartford's Data Breach Coverage.
Data Breach Claims Discussion
Webinar about small business data breach claims.
AIG Private Client Group
Training webinar for the placement of high value home through AIG.
Insuring Federal Government Contractors
A Chubb webinar hosted by Stuckey & Company on insuring Federal Government Contractors.
Sales Coaching Webinar
Webinar on increasing your commercial sales featuring Sales Coach, Speaker and Trainer David Schwendiman.
Hartford Commercial Auto Webinar
The Hartford Commercial Automobile Training Webinar hosted by Stuckey & Company.
Product Recall Webinar
Webinar describing product recall for Component Parts, Consumer Goods and Consumable Products.
Miscellaneous Professional Liability Play Book
This free guide provides you with the information you need to choose a sound risk management solution for your clients.

Information that Agents can share

Office Dance - The Hartford
Shows insureds that The Hartford is having fun with helping small businesses PLAY ON.
Chubb Federal Government Contractors video
This video shows insureds that chubb differentiates themselves in the federal government contractors space.