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151 Promise
In by 1, Out by 5; in by 5 out by 1 - for complete submissions and service requests.
Our agents can be assured that Stuckey & Company will drive towards providing the service, quality and satisfaction that comes from having a relationship with a top-tier broker.
We are here for you.
Single Point of Contact
Your agency will be assigned to a single point of contact at Stuckey & Company that will help guide you to the best product and deliver the best service that we offer.
Your in-house Stuckey Representative can help with agency appointments, online access to our raters, introduce you to a professional liability specialist or just give suggestions on individual risk placements.
We want to set you up for success!
We Do It For You
This is a co-branded micro-targeted lead campaign
that generates warm leads for you.
Prices start at $795 per month for an integrated campaign that includes 5 email blasts, sales funnel post cards and a webinar to a minimum of 10,000 qualified businesses geo-coded to you and your agency.
Watch your ROI Soar!
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Turnkey Access with no volume Requirements
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