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Kyle Dallavis



Affordable Professional Servicer Insurance

Your business provides top-quality appliance parts, backed by top-quality service. But even the best-run businesses face risks and liabilities. That’s why every appliance repair or appliance sales professional can benefit from the ServicerPro Insurance Program.

Our innovative insurance package, ServicerPro, is designed to address the coverage requirements of appliance repair professionals, appliance retailers and appliance sholesalers. The ServicerPro (appliance repair insurance) package can include property, general liability, worker’s compensation, commercial auto and umbrella coverage.

Desired Classes

  • Professional Repair Services
    • Radio Television and Consumer Electronic Repair Shop
    • Computer Repair Services
    • Refrigeration Repair
    • Air Conditioning Repair, cleaning and balancing
    • Electrical Appliance Repair
    • Vacuum Cleaner Repair
    • Clothes washing machine & Dryer Repair Services
    • Garbage Disposal Equipment Repair & Service
    • Microwave oven repair services
    • Repair shops and related services
    • Air compressor & pump repair shops
    • Lawn mower repair
    • Locksmiths
    • Sewer Septic Tank, drain cleaning and repair
    • Gas & oil burner repair services
    • Organ & piano tuning & repair services
    • Carpet & rug repairing services
    • Bathtup & sinks repair and refinishing
    • Tool repair sharpening services & contractor equipment
    • Gas appliance repair services
    • Mobile home repair services
    • Sewing maching repair
    • Industrial balancing services
  • Appliance Repair Retail Stores
    • Household appliance stores retail
    • Residential room air conditioner dealers retail
    • Major appliance dealers retail
    • Sewing machine & sewing supplies & attachment dealers retail
    • Vacuum cleaners dealers retail
    • Household fan dealers retail
    • Small electric appliance dealers
  • Appliance Wholesale Supplies
    • Electric Motor supplies wholesale
    • Electric signal systems wholesale
    • Electrical appliances television & radio sets wholesale
    • Radio and hifi equipment wholesale
    • Refrigerators & freezers wholesale
    • Vacuum cleaners wholesale
    • Major appliances wholesale
    • Small appliances wholesale
    • Video recorders & players wholesale
    • Electric shavers wholesale
    • Television sets wholesale
    • Closed circuit television equipment wholesale
    • Radio supplies & parts wholesale
    • Recording & sound equipment & supplies wholesale
    • Data communication systems wholesale
    • Electronic manufacturer representatives
    • Electronic instruments wholesale
    • Electronic parts assemblers
    • mobile telephone equipment & supplies wholesale
    • stereo parts wholesale
    • radar equipment & supplies wholesale
  • Revenues up to $1.5M
  • Limits up to $1M/$3M
  • Dedutibles from $1,000 - $25,000
  • High Class Underwriting authority.
  • All states except Alaska and Hawaii
Submission Requierment
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  • Sample Policy
  • Comparison Sheet
  • Coverage Highlights
  • Aspire FAQ's
  • Claims Scenarios
  • Contract Review
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