151 Promise

Stuckey & Company will make every reasonable effort to provide a completed response to all Personal Lines policy requests, quotes and inquiries by 5:00pm Central Time provided that such request, quote or inquiry was submitted by 1:00pm Central Time the same day. For all Personal Lines policy requests submitted after the 1:00pm Central Time cutoff, but before 5:00pm, Stuckey & Co. commits every reasonable effort to a response by 1:00pm Central Time the following business day.

Some Limitations

While Stuckey & Co. will always act in good faith to our customer commitments, limitations to this policy may exist.  Such limitations may include:

  • The request applies to business days. These are days where Stuckey & Co. is staffed as a normal course of business and may not include weekends, nationally-observed holidays, holidays recognized by Stuckey & Co. or circumstances where Stuckey & Co. have enacted a disaster recovery process.
  • An application submitted by a customer with incorrect information may cause a delay in the processing. In such an event, Stuckey & Co. will still work closely with our clients to quickly correct the concerns and provide a timely response.
  • Incomplete applications may also delay the timeliness of our response. Stuckey & Co. will provide samples on our website of the most commonly missed application sections as well as guidance on how to ensure that your application is complete. Should a customer submit an incomplete application, Stuckey & Co. will still work closely with our clients to quickly complete the missing details and provide a timely response.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, a carrier may delay the response to Stuckey & Co. Though not typical, MVR and CLUE reports may take up to 24 hours before a response is received from our carriers. In such circumstances, Stuckey & Co. will provide an update to our customers as soon as a response is received from the carrier.

Even should any of the aforementioned circumstances exist, our customers may be assured that Stuckey & Co. will drive towards providing the service, quality and satisfaction that comes from having a relationship with a top-tier broker. We are here for you: our clients. Please contact us with any questions or concerns.