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An Insurance Program for the Auto Industry.

Important Coverage for the Auto Repair Industry

General Liability for the Auto Industry and Garagekeepers Liability

Not only is technology liability insurance a common contractual requirement but it also extends your coverage far beyond the Bodily Injury and Property Damage offered through General Liability. The Tuniacs program includes both General Liability and Garagekeepers Liability.

Property Coverage for Auto Repair Businesses

Coverage for your Building, Contents, Computer Equipment, Sales Persons Samples, Property in your Care, Custody or Control, etc. 

Umbrella Coverage

On and off premises Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability for your business activities. Coverage may be as simple as a trip and fall as a result of stringing a power cord across a hall or a bit more complex hired and non-owned auto liability claim.  

Workers Compensation

Offered nationwide for single location risks or multi-state risks. We offer state and/or contractually required coverage that can be billed as part of the Package with little effort.


Employee dishonesty coverage at an affordable price. Limit availability from $100K up to $2M. For the small IT firms that are looking to satisfy contractual requirements we offer a "owner as employee" endorsement.

Employment Practices

Coverage for wrongful hire, termination or conduct. Includes 3rd party coverage for subcontractors and/or vendors.

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