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Service Categories: Business, Education, Financial, Legal, Management, Personal and Real Estate

Miscellaneous Professional Liability

Desired Classes 

MPL_Business The largest segment of individuals who purchase professional liability fall into this subclassification. Businesses offering services for a fee are everywhere. Staffing agencies, secretarial/typing, medical billing & coding, research consultants, translators and graphic designers are just a few of the many individuals in this realm who should consider coverage.
MPL_Management We hear the term ‘management consultant’s thrown around a lot, but in reality this is a vague description of what services they may offer. Human resources, marketing & advertising, financial, strategic, business process, project management … these are just some of the areas of specialization that a management consultant may emphasize.
MPL_RealEstate Encompassed of real estate agents & brokers, property managers, hotel managers, property management operations and appraisers. The real estate segment represents a large portion of the American economy, and they have some of the highest exposures out there. Proper coverage is crucial to the financial security of individuals in this arena.
MPL_Financial Financial consultants, billing services, credit card companies, bookkeepers, claims adjusters (P&C), escrow, structured settlement brokers, etc.. all fall into this category. There are many laws that govern various financial realms, representing unique coverage needs for professionals in the financial services sector. Loss exposures are high here, and proper coverage is essential.
MPL_Legal Court reporters, expert witness, investigators, paralegals, polygraph administrators, etc… Many people see these as lower risk, but that really isn’t the case – especially when you consider that these individuals can often be instrumental in the criminal justice process. One error or omission in this realm can have potentially devastating repercussions to all involved, thus opening the door to a large E&O exposure.
MPL_Educational Job counselors, seminar conductors, speakers/lector bureaus, training services, tutoring services, vocational counseling. These are the people we rely on to advance society through solid education. But what if they make a mistake? Any erroneous information could cause any number of problems to the recipients of the bad information. Again, proper coverage is crucial to protect not only the insureds, but their clients as well.
MPL_Personal Funeral directors, animal services, event planning, manicurists, translators/interpreters, travel agents, etc… The sky is really the limit here. We all have tight budgets and carry certain expectations when we spend our hard-earned money for the products and/or services offered by others. When those expectations aren’t met, conflicts arise, and often times this can lead to professional liability claims. The only solution: adequate coverage.

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