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An Insurance Program for the Appliance Repair Industry.

Appliance Repair Industry

General Liability Coverage for Repair Businesses (Minimum Premiums as low as $250)

Covers bodily injury and property damage liability for incidents that occur on holders premises or at holder's customers location.

Property Coverage for Repair Businesses

Protects property & inventory used in the course of business, even if that property is removed from you place of business when it is damaged. Includes: owned buildings, business personal property, computer hardware/software, property of others and loss of earnings due to a covered cause of loss.

Commercial Auto for Repair Businesses

Protects your company in the event that your company is sued as a result of an auto accident that you or one of your employees has when driving a vehicle which is titled in the company's nae; typically added as an endorsement on a General Liability Policy.

  • Up to 25 power units (additional units with carrier approval)
  • Broad form coverage
  • Optional Coverage's
    • Hired auto physical damage
    • WOS
    • Rental reimbursement
    • Lease Gap Coverage
    • Towing coverage

Workers Compensation for Repair Businesses (Minimum Premiums as low as $250)

Provides medical and disability coverage for on-the-job injuries or work related injuries, also provides Employer's Liability coverage, protecting the company from an injured employees claims that the employer's negligence was the cause of the employees injury.

  • All States (excluding monopolistic states)
  • Optional coverage's
    • Extended Broad Form Endorsement
    • Employers Liability Stop Gap
    • WOS
    • Monoline for majority of classes

Umbrella Coverage

Also known as "excess liability" insurance, umbrella coverage provides additional coverage when the limits of insurance on an underlying policy are exceeded. Umbrella Liabilities add coverage to general liability, commercial auto and workers compensation coverage for a single premium.

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