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An Insurance Program for the Technology Industry.

Technology Professional Liability Insurance

Our technology / IT insurance program includes broad coverage, low minimum premiums and are competitively priced for even the most complex services.  

Ease of Doing Business

We have redesigned our technology insurance online application to only include the questions necessary to underwrite, rate and issue the policy and have eliminated any un-needed questions. Our SafetyTek Professional Liability application focuses on minimizing workflow bottlenecks and allowing you to gain instant access to our rating engine. Ask your underwriter about our Data Integration Project.

Knowledgeable Underwriting

Our underwriters have over 50 combined years. We understand technology because we quote over 50,000 technology insurance and software liability insurance accounts annually. If the carriers you are working with don’t understand your risk or you just want to speak to someone who understands technology services, call us. We will take time to listen to you and tell you what we can offer.

Quick Service

You benefit by connecting directly with the underwriters who have authority to make decisions on technology or IT professional liability insurance. We have spent over 18 years building a relationship with our carriers that are built on trust. We now quote over 95% of our business in-house. Our program threshold is $50M, with in house authority of $30M in revenue and $5M/$5M limits. We generate the proposals out of our systems immediately for online submissions and within 24 hours for hard copy submissions.

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