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Jerry Lovin



Our Founding Program - Marine Business Insurance

At Stuckey & Company, we are particularly proud of our HarborGuard Marina program because this was the program that launched our company over 28 years ago. Today, we still offer the most comprehensive program for this specialized market, with tailored liability insurance for a wide variety of businesses, including marinas and boat yards, boat dealers, and marine artisans, including boat repair and supply shops.

Desired Classes

  • Marinas or boat yards
  • Boat storage and moorage
  • Boat dealers
  • Boat rental (excludes jet skis, water ski equipment, para-sailing)
  • Boat repair and cleaning (non-commercial)
  • Boat equipment and supply stores
  • Boats (excluding charter boats or other commercial vessels)
  • Cooperative or common tenant docks or marinas
  • Restaurant, catering, hall rental, general stores, snack bars,
  • Swimming pools (members and guests only)
  • Camp grounds and RV parks
  • Dwellings LRO
  • Building or premises LRO
  • TIV to $50M
  • Revenues up to $50M
  • Payroll up to $2.5M
  • Limits up to $1M/$2M
  • Deductibles from $1,000 - $50,000
  • All states except AK, HI, AR, OK, KS, MO
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